Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Has Been Delisted

Today was the day that Marvel vs. Capcom Origins was delisted from XBLA, removing the last of the MvC games from digital shelves. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, as we were alerted well in advance when these titles would be getting pulled, but it still sucks that we'll never be able to download them again unless Capcom decides to renew its contract with Marvel. At least Capcom was courteous enough to give us fair warning, unlike Ubisoft, which didn't bother to tell us that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was also going bye-bye.

The lifelower Twitter account, which has been tracking XBLA delistings, tweeted that Scott Pilgrim — as well as Uno and Uno Rush — were pulled alongside MvC Origins. A quick glance at the North American PSN shows that it's missing there as well (although it still appears on the European PSN).

The Ubisoft brawler, which served as a tie-in to the movie, adopted a look closer to the original comics and played like a modern update of River City Ransom. It was criticized at first for being too difficult, but balance patches soon alleviated those concerns. Not revolutionary by any means, but quite fun and extremely pretty.

What's especially unfortunate about Scott Pilgrim's delisting is that, unlike the MvC games which were originally released at retail, Scott Pilgrim doesn't exist in any physical format. You still can get your hands on the game, however, by purchasing game codes from places like Best Buy and GameStop. Who knows how long those pages will remain up, though.