Far Cry 6 Villain Character Possibly Revealed in Ubisoft Press Release

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a character in the Far Cry 6 material who might just play a role in the game… assuming, of course, that the article in which he’s mentioned is not just pre-release color. Considering Ubisoft has kept a lid on some of the characters players will be facing off against in the upcoming title, they might have just spotted an important boss they’ll have to face in the game.

The article from which they’re drawing this is from July and tells an in-universe story about the military enforcers who are enforcing the will of tyrannical dictator Anton Castillo. One in particular is highlighted by the article: Captain Ramirez, who tells the reporter all about the “terrorist” movement Libertad. He’s described as “a confident veteran” who executes a Libertad guerrilla when she ambushes his convoy and kills one of his soldiers with an improvised flamethrower.

One note in particular will be amusing to those who have seen the pre-release footage of some of the crazy weapons in the game: “As the soldier’s body is loaded next to the medical supplies, the Captain shakes his head. This isn’t the first time he’s come across this kind of weapon. The terrorists will turn anything into a tool of destruction. He’s heard reports of improvised rocket launchers, EMP devices, and even strange contraptions that hurl compact discs.”

Ubisoft has been fairly stingy with Far Cry 6 footage since it had its big gameplay showcase at E3 in June. It hasn’t shown much of the game’s antagonists other than the big bad Anton Castillo. Presumably, however, he won’t be the only bad guy that protagonist Dani Rojas will face off against in the game — Far Cry 5’s Joseph Seed had several deputies in the form of his siblings. So it follows that Yara’s military operatives will probably play some role in Dani’s adventures.