Game Developer Brianna Wu Driven From Home After Death Threats and Doxxing

September 2016 Added Disclaimer: Brianna Wu has proven to be an unreliable source. Original article follows.

Brianna Wu, the developer of Revolution 60 and prominent feminist on Twitter was driven from her home tonight after receiving death threats from an anonymous Twitter account that posted all manner of personal information about her and her family.

Wu attributes the threats to anonymous message board 8chan and the so-called #GamerGate movement, posting, “8chan/#gamergate just doxxed me, posting all kinds of personal information about me. Guys, THIS is the war on industry women. Wake up.” 

After a series of tweets containing her personal details, Wu was sent death threats by the same account. Wu contacted the authorities following the the threats to her family. She stated: “The police just came by. Husband and I are going somewhere safe. Remember, #gamergate isn’t about attacking women” with a screenshot (seen below) of some of the threats she received.

The threats to Wu follow in the wake of the hounding of independent game developer Zoë Quinn from her home, as well as prominent feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian, who was also driven from her home after death threats and doxxing. 

These events represent an alarming trend in the game industry, whereby women—especially prominent ones—are threatened.