Nintendo Is Apparently Putting Foam Strips Inside Their Joy-Cons

The Nintendo Switch is a massive success. Coming off their Wii U failure, Nintendo needed a win. Fortunately for this industry leader, they changed things around. With the Switch players have a home console along with a portable gaming system. Of course, there was one persistent issue that would cause quite a headache for both consumers and Nintendo. Now it seems like Nintendo may have found a solution. 

I’m of course referring to the dreaded Joy-Con drift. The Joy-Cons are unique to the Nintendo Switch as these controllers snap right onto the device when using the device as a handheld. Likewise, you can take them off to make a standard controller. However, players have been dealing with analog sticks triggering movement without the analog sticks actually being pressed. Most analog sticks are prone to drift issues over time. Still, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons were rapidly getting this issue early on. 

Nintendo has been accepting these faulty Joy-Cons for repair. Although there hasn’t been any confirmation a fix or revision was coming. Today, we’re finding out that new Joy-Cons apparently have two strips of foam placed inside. Fans are assuming these strips could be used to prevent analog drift. At the very least, if this does work and avoids the analog drift from happening as rapidly as it is, this could be quite an easy fix. 

With that said, it’s likely best to not open up your Joy-Cons to get your own strips placed until more information comes out. Regardless, the Joy-Con drift is one problem that plenty of fans can’t wait to get rid of. We’re sure Nintendo is also in the same boat as they have been dealing with countless repairs and even lawsuits over the drift problems