Steam Deck Will Have Support For Video Game Mods

Mods are present for pretty much every console but none of them comes close to the mod support PC players have. Massive communities are building up mods to their favorite games and in some cases, developers even provide tools for creators to build mods. It’s all about creating something new and keeping players enjoying the title long after they wrapped up the campaign. Steam Deck, has been receiving plenty of attention online, and for good reason.

The Valve Steam Deck is quite an impressive piece of hardware on paper and from what footage has been released so far. This is a device that’s very much like a Nintendo Switch but the fact that it’s a portable gaming PC. You’ll have the support of Steam along with all kinds of incredible PC video game titles. There are even some touchpads to give players the freedom to use more mouse-like controls when going through certain video games. Still, it’s left some wondering just what else this console will offer or support.

If you were wondering just how easy this console will be when it comes to game mods then you’ll be delighted to know that there’s no workaround. The mods you can download and enjoy right now on your PC will be readily available to download on the Steam Deck. This may be a big appeal to this console especially for players who never owned a gaming PC so their ability to dive into mods has been extremely limited. 

For a competitive price to the the Nintendo Switch, having mod support could be one of the big appeals to head towards this device over the competitor. Again, whether you’re looking for mods that add in additional content or mods that simply overhaul the gameplay visuals, there are communities out there that have allowed certain video game titles to thrive quite a bit longer on PC compared to the console alternative simply due to the fan crafted mod projects. It should be interesting to see if mods are as easy to install on the Steam Deck as it is with the PC platform. 

Source: PCGamesN, IGN