Xbox Series xScreen Surpasses Goal In A Single Day

When it comes to the latest generation of console platforms, we’ve seen Microsoft and Sony hit it out of the park. Consumers can’t get enough of these units as both companies are struggling to provide enough stock for retailers worldwide. For Microsoft, the company brought out two different types of consoles into the marketplace which are the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. While the Xbox Series X is far more powerful than the Xbox Series S, the Series S is no slouch. It can play all the latest Xbox titles and is quite small so taking it on the go to hook it up into a new television setup is rather easy.

You can really argue either way on why you would pick up an Xbox Series S over the Xbox Series X or vice versa. Although, there is another product coming out into the marketplace that may make the Xbox Series S a bit more enticing and that’s the xScreen. This is a non-Microsoft-produced product that got its start through Kickstarter. Now if you don’t know what Kickstarter is, this is a company that provides a way to pitch products.

The product page would get all kinds of details, videos, pictures, and proof of concepts. Meanwhile, there would be tiers available to back the projects which result in different amounts of donations. Each donation has some kind of a reward system with it so you very well could back the product and get one of the first units available within that backing funds you submitted. Today, there is a ton of attention on the xScreen which is a display that can attach to the Xbox Series S so that you could play it more on the go.

There’s been plenty of screen attachments released for various consoles. You’ll have consoles like the PlayStation or Nintendo GameCube which allows players to play their system no matter where they are located. That’s what the xScreen will provide for the Xbox Series S as it will attach and close up like a laptop screen. Currently, there is just under a month left to back this project but again, the company has already managed to surpass $40,000 in a single day significantly surpassing the goal placed to get this project funded.

Source: Kickstarter