Social Justice Warriors Now Have Their Own RPG

What kind of a game would you expect if it was called Social Justice Warriors? Would you even want to play a game like that?

Released way back in May, dev 10011 conceived of Social Justice Warriors as a parody of social media and gaming culture. Way, way before the events of Gamergate, a blacklist was being circulated of which game writers, critics, vloggers, and pundits were presumably social justice warriors, and whose writing and websites need to be avoided.

10011 decided to define the label to refer to anyone who stood up against ignorant people. In so doing, 10011 removed the label social justice warrior of the negative connotations it was meant to evoke. He then cast these social justice warriors against trolls, and set out to make a game simulating and parodying how they interacted with each other.

The game treats their interactions like a turn based RPG battle, with sanity and reputation bars to contend with. You have several attacks available, including logically arguing with the other person, but also attacking your opponent’s character flaws, making it clear that SJWs themselves were not always angels.

In an ironic turn, people went on to call the game both pro and anti SJW. A lot of people wrote about and had conversations about the game online, themselves acting out their roles as SJWs and trolls in real life. You can read 10011 write about it here.

Does this pique your curiousity enough to give Social Justice Warriors a try? Why not get the game and give it a try? It is literally a dollar on Humble Store, DRM-free for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also vote for it for Steam Greenlight here. Watch the game trailer below.