Friday The 13th: The Game Dev Offers What Content Was Originally Planned

Friday The 13th is a beloved horror franchise with a series of films that fans cherish. However, it wasn’t that long ago that we received a video game adaptation that proved to be quite a hit. The game was a bit like Dead By Daylight in the sense that players would enter a match with a group of survivors having to complete objectives while a single player would roam around the map as the killer. As the name suggests, this was a game centered around the Friday The 13th franchise where players would be camp counselors or Jason.

Jason would have a few useful attributes to track down and kill off the counselors meanwhile the other players would have to rely on proximity to communicate or find a walkie-talkie. From there, they could team up, find items to either help in the objectives or provide a means of defense against Jason. It was a thrilling game, but it was also a title that didn’t receive as many content updates as the developers had in mind. This was due to a legal battle which more or less killed the game.

You can still play the title through peer-to-peer connectivity but the online servers and content updates were shot down. Today we’re finding out from Wes Keltner just what was originally planned for the game when the developers had been working on the project. For instance, we know that some packs would have changed up the attire for the game such as having slumber party-themed attire along with prom attire.

However, there was also a Paranoia mode that plays like a deception game. In this mode, players would venture around the map in search of Jason’s mask which would allow them to kill off other players. However, if you were spotted with the mask and got killed by another player, then the mask would drop. We’re not sure just how the game match would determine a winner, but it was at least something that developers were finding to be enjoyable.

Source: Twitter