Horizon Zero Dawn Free Thanks To Sony’s Play at Home Initiative

Sony’s Play at Home Initiative has offered its final, biggest game to players for free: Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. PlayStation 4 and 5 players can get one of the platform’s best games for free along with all of its DLC. The game will be available to download until May 14.

The Play at Home Initiative has been Sony’s attempt, ostensibly, to help gamers cope with the COVID pandemic, which has kept most of us stuck inside for months at a stretch. While the other games that were offered were all good in their own way, Horizon Zero Dawn is on another level — one of the jewels in PlayStation’s crown. Part of the reason the company might be interested in getting more people playing the game is to stir interest ahead of the launch of the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. Given how popular Zero Dawn has been so far, the hype for the sequel is already high, but (I’m sure the rationale is) more couldn’t hurt.

Sony also hinted in the announcement post that this may not be the last game offered via Play at Home, saying: “There is more to come, so please stay tuned…” Also, just as a reminder, you don’t need PlayStation Plus to download the game or any of the others offered via Play at Home.

While it’s great that Horizon Zero Dawn is now available, the flipside is that the other games available through the Play at Home Initiative are going away shortly. Players have until April 22 to add the nine games to their libraries. Just to keep you up to date, that includes Abzu, Subnautica, The Witness, and VR titles like Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Sony also reminded users that it’s offering an extended free trial of Funimation until April 22 as well.

Source: PlayStation Blog