Fall Guys Announces A Squads Mode

When we were all going through quarantines and lockdown notices in the summer of 2020, one of the video games that connected us to keep a bit sane was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In a market saturated with countless battle royale titles that are attempting to bring in an audience, it was a game that offered some unique gameplay that kept us logging online. 

Don’t get me wrong, Fall Guys is very much a battle royale title but it’s far more lighthearted and easy for anyone to jump into. There’s not much of a learning curve to it. Players are dropped into a match with up to sixty participants and to be the last player standing, you’ll have to go through a series of obstacle course races and team match-up battles. It’s wacky, colorful, and addicting to play. Fortunately, the developers are doing their part in ensuring players have new content regularly with seasonal updates that release for free.

Not only are we getting new maps but cosmetics as well. Today, we’re finding out that players will soon get access to a new Squads Mode. Here up to four players can drop into a map as a team which is similar to how the past games worked when players joined together. Outside of getting access to stay in the same game, players are still going through this game as everybody for themselves. However, there is a twist to the Squads Mode that may make going through this mode more appealing.

In Squads Mode, if a member from your group manages to win the final round, then everyone within your group is a winner. This may make give you better odds at winning some games if you have some skilled friends wanting to join into the mix. For now, Squads Mode only allows up to four players to join the game. Likewise, this mode will enter in other groups with squads. 

Source: Gamesradar, Twitter