Could The Fallout 4 Leaked Script And Dev Screens Be Connected?

We have new information regarding Fallout 4. Not exactly new new, but we do feel this fan theory is worth your time.

OK, so the alleged script, and the development photo, that we’ve seen before? A fan believes that he has found links between the two of them. It’s just crazy enough to be believable, so hear us out.

A fan pointed out that the photos have two pieces of writing found between them; the words Preston and Garvey. There is also reference to a museum. The script itself also has a Preston Garvey, and part of it is set in a museum.

So, our source vetted this information, and this is what he found. In the Editor ID section of the leaked development screen, we see references to Museum assets, which is a setting in the leaked script pages. The script also actually has the player character talking to Preston Garvey himself. Going back to the leaked development screen, and one line under Editor ID shows the name Amanda Garvey.

What do we make of this? My not so crazy theory is that yes, this stuff could be leaks from Fallout 4 development, but they could be discarded ideas and materials. These leaks may no longer matter, since the team had moved on to do other things. This could also explain why Bethesda has been treating these leaks the way it has.

In fact, our source thinks these leaks might be intentional, but I think that’s stretching it. They’re probably not sharing stuff that’s still relevant to tease fans. Not if their communications people are having the hard time that they have had with it.

What do you guys think, though? Feel free to share your thoughts behind all this below.  

Image is from Fallout 3.