Empire Of Sin Hits Xbox Game Pass This Month

Empire of Sin throws players right into the the1920s where organized crime thrived. With the nation undergoing prohibition, there was a new means for some groups to really make some serious cash. With bootleg booze and territory wars, cities like Chicago were a ruthless area and a battle zone for gangs to take charge. We’ve seen several video games take on the life of crime as a member of a gang or even a leader of organized criminal groups. In this particular game, we see players step into a role of a gang that’s slowly attempting to become the top dog in the city. 

This is a strategy game that has players picking up the role of a gang leader and working their talents in hopes of becoming a leader of an underground criminal empire. Which ultimately means managing your group, defending your territory, expanding your casinos, speakeasies, and either charming or intimidate anyone that attempts to stop your hustle. 

With that said, there is plenty of moments where things may get physical such as another gang not respecting your territory lines. As a result, the game would play out as a tactical strategy game with players setting up their characters around the level and deciding on how to best take out the targets, whether it’s brute firepower, or getting up close for melee beat down. 

Fortunately, if you missed out on the game when it launched last year on December 1, 2020, then you might get a chance to enjoy the game through the Xbox Game Pass subscription. It looks like those that will have the subscription service on March 18, 2021, will find that the game will be included in the catalog which may put this title in front of more players that originally might have passed on this game initially. 

Source: Twitter