Fall Guys Season 4 Teaser Offers Inside Look To New Course

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a breakout title hit when it launched in 2020. The year where everything was quite horrible. We’re still going through this pandemic but at the time we were just getting into the swing of things. At the time there were big quarantines, lockdown notices, social distancing, mask-wearing, the list goes on. While some of those things are not as strict these days, back in the summer of 2020, those of us stuck inside were craving some new entertainment.

One of those mediums of entertainment came from this Fall Guys game. It was a wacky battle royale title that didn’t take itself seriously. Rather than players battling it out with guns and a big open-world with loads of equipment to pick up or gear to swap out, Fall Guys put players on odd courses. Players had to race towards the end of a course and beat out other players to earn a spot to the next round or get broken into teams to get their team enough points to progress towards the end. However, at the very end of the game, there can only be one winner as the crowd of sixty participants slowly dwindled. 

To keep things fresh the development team, Mediatonic has been releasing different seasons. They would come with new costumes and levels for players to go through and we’re getting ready to go through the fourth season. This upcoming season brings players into the future, or specifically the year 4041. For a good while, that’s all the information we really had but now there is a new teaser available to see a course in action.

Mediatonic has released a small teaser for the upcoming season and claims that there will be new low gravity style maps and futuristic features such as Chonky Buttons and Flippity Bippities. Players can likely expect another zany and unusual clash of levels that will keep players going through rounds to get a feel of how best to complete them all while dealing with a bunch of players rushing to come in the first place.

Source: Twitter