New Video Shows How Police Are Summoned In Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been a fan-favorite series for years now. Ever since the first installment released on the PlayStation, we’ve seen new games hit the marketplace featuring both mainline installments along with a slew of spin-off titles as well. Each game throws players into a life of crime where the protagonist is always against law enforcement.

Set in a big open-world setting, players would go through the different missions that would often bring in law enforcement to evade or fight back against. Meanwhile, players could freely explore the world and cause havoc. Each game brought out a new bigger city with Grand Theft Auto V featuring the largest city for the series and fans can race around Los Santos in hopes of getting rid of the police.

I found where they all come from from r/gtaonline

However, the more wanted you are by the police in the game, the more law enforcement has to use against you. From police cars, boats, helicopters, to tanks, there’s no way of getting around very long when the full force gets called out. Now a new video has emerged online showing the game spawning police for when a player gets a high enough wanted level. After several years since this title launched, it’s a bit surprising to see that this is the first we’re getting a look at the spawn moment happening.

Apparently, police are just summoned from a random portal which kicks them off into high gear for their trek towards the wanted criminal. It looks like there’s no stopping the spawn portal either so there’s an endless supply of officers ready to hunt you down if you cause too much trouble to the kind and innocent virtual citizens of Los Santos. 

Source: Reddit