Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Hits Nintendo Switch This Summer

2020 saw quite a bit of downer moments and while we were all cooped up indoors going through quarantines, there were a few video game titles to help keep players from going insane with cabin fever. One of those games was a new indie title release that originally launched exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout really blew up when it released into the market. The whole game is chaotic as 60 bean-like characters drop into different mini-games with the goal of either finishing the course or remaining alive for a duration of time. 

Players can group together and attempt these courses together or spectate if they fail to progress. Really, there’s no telling just what players will come up against next and it’s likely we’ll see more courses get added into the mix. Making each playthrough a bit of a mystery in terms of what levels you’ll have to go through.

From having to dodge massive fans, giant rolling fruits, to wacky makeshift games such as grabbing eggs to put into your team’s color goal, Fall Guys is proven to be a title well worth picking up. As mentioned, this game was originally released only for the PC and PlayStation 4 but it was only a matter of time before more platforms received the title.

Today during the latest Nintendo Direct upload, we got word of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout hitting the Nintendo Switch platform this summer. Now we don’t have a specific date attached quite yet but this should be great news to Nintendo Switch players that are wanting to get in on the fun. Again, while we wait for the official date announcement to happen, I’m sure there will be a few cosmetic items available for the title that are exclusive to the Nintendo platform. In the meantime, you can check out the announcement trailer above along with our Before You Buy episode coverage down below.

Source: YouTube