Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Not Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a massive success when it launched into the marketplace. During August of 2020, the entire world was pretty much dealing with a brutal virus pandemic. Thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic, most of us were staying at home and social distancing from others as we attempted to prevent further spreading this virus around. As a result, there was starvation of entertainment. Fortunately, when Fall Guys hit the marketplace was a huge hit and quickly became a must-play title.

This game might not have as big of a following today as it did when the game first launched, but it’s still been an addicting title to enjoy. This is a battle royale platformer where players take control of a humanoid figure as they compete across several mini-games. From obstacle courses to team matches, the game slowly dwindles the players down so that ultimately there’s only one player left standing. 

Unfortunately, this game is only available on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. In fact, at launch, this game was a PlayStation Plus title so there was a pretty massive group of players enjoying this title right at launch. However, there have been rumors and suggestions that we are getting this game on other platforms as well such as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Then it looked like there was some confirmation from Microsoft as a message responding to an Instagram user confirmed that Fall Guys was coming to the subscription service.

That message has since been corrected from Devolver Digital confirming that there are no talks at the moment for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout hitting the Xbox Game Pass service. Perhaps we’re still a ways off before this game hits other platforms. 

Source: VGC, Twitter