343 Industries Community Manager Confirms Halo Infinite Will Launch On Xbox One

There’s been quite a bit of hype building up for Halo Infinite. The next thrilling installment for fans was supposed to have been released into the market already. In fact, this was set to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. However, it was clear that the studio needed more time and as a result, the game was pushed back.

If you don’t recall, Halo Infinite was rumored to have a gameplay trailer during E3 2019. Fans were anticipating this trailer, but when E3 came around and all we received was a cinematic trailer, it was disappointing. Still, 343 Industries confirmed that a gameplay trailer would be coming out during E3 2020. We all know that never came due to the health pandemic outbreak.

As a result, it was a bit later than the scheduled E3 event before we finally got to see the Halo Infinite gameplay footage during a Microsoft Xbox Series X stream. Fans were again disappointed because this title didn’t look like a next-generation Halo game. There were visual errors from the footage and a lack of detail that fans were expecting when this game launched. That ultimately resulted in backlash online against Microsoft and 343 Industries. 

Microsoft and 343 Industries opted to delay the game out of 2020 and set a launch window for the fall of 2021. While the developers are hard at work with this game, there have been rumors circulating online that the development studio dropped the Xbox One platform in order to ensure the game ran well for next-generation and PC platforms. That’s only rumors as it was debunked on Twitter.

John Junyszek, the community manager for 343 Industries replied to a tweet bringing up the rumor, that tweet has since been removed but John’s answer is still available. According to the community manager, we can expect Halo Infinite to launch into the marketplace for the Xbox One platform as well.

Source: VGC, Twitter