Control Writer Now Attached To Upcoming Fable Project

If you don’t know her by name then you’ll know her from the incredible projects she’s helped bring out into the marketplace. Anna Megill is a skilled developer who has been in the video game industry for nearly two decades. She’s a talented writer and has lent her skills to several studios and projects over the years. Now Anna is moving on to the next big video game project which is the upcoming installment to the Fable franchise.

As mentioned, Anna Megill has worked on several projects over the years. You might have played a few of them as she’s been attached to The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Guild Wars, Dishonored, Murdered Soul Suspect, to her last video game project that has been released, Remedy Entertainment’s Control. While Anna has worked on several video game projects and studios, it looks like she will be dropping her current project for her work at Playground Games. 

Currently, Anna Megill was working on some type of video game projects for Ubisoft at the Massive Entertainment studio. However, she has since taken to her official Twitter account in order to announce that she will be working at Playground Games starting next year. For those curious, her job title will be the lead writer for the upcoming Fable video game. That should have plenty of fans eager to see just how this game turns out.

Fable was a surprise reveal during this summer when Microsoft announced the game was in development. We only received a small teaser trailer showcasing the game being in development. As a result, we’re not sure just what the game will entail at the moment. We’re sure that production is quite a ways out, but there’s the possibility that we’ll get some information regarding Fable next year, 2021. In the meantime, you can check out the teaser trailer below.

Source: Twitter