Get Jurassic World Evolution For Free On Epic Game Store

Epic Games Store is looking to celebrate the holidays and with it comes free video game titles for PC players. It’s not unusual to see sales for the holiday season, but you can’t beat free and that’s where Epic Games Store is looking to capitalize this month. Every day from now until December 31, 2020, players will receive a free video game.

There was plenty of speculation and supposed leaks of games that would be coming out this month from the deal, but so far it looks like we won’t know what to expect until each day arrives. Just like with the other free video game deals that are offered through the Epic Games Store, all players need to do is ensure they have a free account to the Epic Games Store digital marketplace and then from there claim the games that are offered.

Once you have claimed the game, it’s yours forever. You don’t have to pay anything for it as it would remain tied to your account and ready to be downloaded whenever you’re up for playing the game. In the past, we’ve seen countless video game titles being offered from the Epic Games Store. You can expect some new indie titles to big AAA video games such as Grand Theft Auto V being offered for free. 

This post will continue to be updated to showcase what video game title is offered from this month but again, these games only last a day so it’s best to claim them before they are removed for the next free title.

Epic Games Store Free Promotional Games

  • 12/17 Cities Skylines
  • 12/18 Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
  • 12/19 The Long Dark
  • 12/20 Defense Grid 1
  • 12/21 Alien Isolation
  • 12/22 Metro 2033 Redux
  • 12/23 Tropico 5
  • 12/24 Inside
  • 12/25 Darkest Dungeon
  • 12/26 My Time In Portia
  • 12/27 Night In The Woods
  • 12/28 Stranded Deep
  • 12/29 Solitairica
  • 12/30 Torchlight 2
  • 12/31 Jurassic World Evolution

Source: Epic Games Store