Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Has Been Delayed To 2021

Cuphead was an instant hit when it was released onto the market. Players were given a taste of the old-school gameplay experience filled with small platform levels and intense boss battles. Each boss battle required plenty of patience and memorization of the enemy character movements in order to finish the battle. Now a new expansion is in the works from Studio MDHR.

Originally revealed during E3 2018 and slated for a launch within 2019, the DLC expansion has been moving towards the launch of 2020. Overall, players can expect more of the same gameplay with The Delicious Last Course DLC. There will be a new area filled with platforming levels and of course, a host of new boss fights to complete. Likewise, we’re receiving a new character being added into the mix, Ms. Chalice. 

While it’s been a few years now since Studio MDHR was able to launch Cuphead into the market, nothing is stopping this IP from continuing. It turns out that the studio was forced into delaying their game DLC until sometime in 2021. As I’m sure you can guess, it’s the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that is causing the delay to happen in the first place. The studio released a statement to their fans on Twitter alerting them of the delay which was due to the COVID pandemic.

This is not anything new as we’ve seen games both big and small get delayed out of their 2020 release window because of this pandemic outbreak. Unfortunately, those of you who were waiting to get their hands on the next thrilling chapter of Cuphead will have to wait a bit longer. With that said, we still have the animated series which is being adapted from the game for Netflix in the works so you can expect plenty more Cuphead content in the coming years.

Source: Twitter