Rockstar Teases The Next GTA Online Update

Rockstar Games is known for several IPs but easily the biggest would be the Grand Theft Auto franchise. With five mainline installments and a slew of spin-off games, there is a fan base eagerly waiting for anything new to come out into the marketplace. However, after Grand Theft Auto V launched back in 2013, it’s been a long waiting game for the next thrilling installment to come out. A part of that wait has to do with the massive success the game experienced. 

Crossing on three generations of console gaming, the title may have lost some charm for the single-player campaign, but it has been a big hit still for the online gaming component. Grand Theft Auto Online is the component that Rockstar Games added after Grand Theft Auto V launched originally. It not only allows players to get tossed into Los Santos together but it also offers a wide variety of missions and game modes to go through. 

This online component is also heavily updated for players. There’s always something new being added into the game from the various in-game items to the missions. We even seen new areas get unlocked that were previously closed off in the game such as the casino location. While it looks like Rockstar Games is finding plenty of reasons to keep the game going for players, it looks like the next update will be a sizeable one. According to the rumors that are going around online it looks like GTA Online will have a massive update and today we got a small tease.

A big rumor is suggesting that we are getting a new location to go through in GTA Online and the latest tease through the Rockstar Games Twitter account seems to suggest that there may be an island we’ll be visiting. Just how the game mission will take players from Los Santos to a new area remains to be a mystery but adding a new area on this sandbox game may bring veterans back into the game if they’ve been taking a break from GTA Online.

Source: Twitter