Among Us Team Unveils New Upcoming Map

Among Us has become a massive hit and surprisingly enough it was a sleeper hit. This game came out back in 2018 where the development team, Innersloth, opted to bring out a few updates before ending support. However, after the game was discovered by players, the popularity exploded with fans logging countless hours into the title with friends and random players online. Now the game is back to being supported with content and updates.

If you’ve somehow missed this game, the title is a social deception title. Players are thrown into a crew where one to three members of your team are labeled impostors. It’s the job of the crew to finish tasks and determine who among them are the impostors. Meanwhile, the impostors are tasked with sneaking around the map and killing the crew off. With several meetings took place, the group must talk among themselves and determine who to vote out of the game. 

As mentioned, the game was a sleeper hit so when the title exploded in popularity, the developers opted to continue support. Unfortunately, this would mean reworking some of the coding of the title in order to add more features. However, another area that fans may crave is a new map to play on. There are currently only three maps available for players but today we’re finding out about the next map coming out. 

This latest map is only a snippet of what players can expect and there’s no telling of just what all will be featured within the map. However, if you’re familiar with the developer’s previous works then the map might be recognizable. It turns this new map is made with the homage of the studio’s Henry Stickmin series. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when the map will be coming out for players to enjoy. 

Source: Twitter