Are We Receiving A New Map For Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto is a massive video game franchise and to be honest a big focus on Rockstar Games’ mind right now. Ever since Grand Theft Auto V launched, we’ve been waiting patiently for the next installment. It’s been years and now the game is preparing to launch on the third set of console cycles which means it’s been around for quite awhile. However, while fans may still enjoy the single-player campaign or freely roaming around the large in-game world, a big part of what makes Grand Theft Auto V so appealing is the multiplayer component.

There are still countless fans jumping online and enjoying Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s an online component that not only allows players to freely roam Los Santos with friends but partake in a variety of missions and game modes. It’s also received countless updates from the development team with more seemingly underway. In fact, the next update is said to be the biggest one yet. Of course, outside of a heist, we really don’t know just what will be coming with this update.

However, there are rumors going around that Grand Theft Auto Online may in fact receive a map location update. We’re not sure if this is legitimate or not, but if the rumors are true, the update will give a new heist along with a new area for players to explore. Just what will be in that area remains to be seen but with the tease of a new location going out by Take-Two interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick when speaking with investors, there is bound to be something interesting to not only sway veteran players into the game but newcomers as well.

Unfortunately, this is just a rumor as we don’t know anything more than a heist is coming. Just when it will release has also been a mystery. It should be coming out sometime this last quarter so over the next few months we should hear more about this update and what fans can expect. For now, we would love to hear from you. Are you interested in a new map location for Grand Theft Auto Online or would you rather have Rockstar Games focus on the next Grand Theft Auto installment?

Source: Comicbook