Death Loop Release Date Unveiled


It looks like Bethesda has gone ahead and confirmed that Death Loop will in fact release on May 21, 2021. There’s even a new release date trailer which you can view above. 

Original Story…

After bringing out the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios has its next video game title release in the works, Death Loop. Death Loop is an action-adventure title that follows an assassin by the name of Colt who happens to be stuck in a time loop. Set within an island called Blackreef, Colt has to take out eight special targets in order to stop the time loop. Each attempt you make that is unsuccessful will result in you getting put back at the start of the time loop. This means that you’ll get the chance to learn the various enemy movement patterns or level setups.

Don’t take too much time either as you will be enduring all this through a time limit. There’s one more important element that makes this game even more challenging. Somewhere else on the island is another master assassin that is tasked with taking out Colt. If you enjoy more competitive gameplay then the rival assassin named Julianna can actually be controlled by another player online. However, this feature can be turned off and the AI will simply take control of Julianna.

While the game was originally slated for a 2020 release, the development team had decided to delay the game into 2021. However, it looks like a listing from the PlayStation Store may have unveiled the release date early. This listing was visible through New Zealand’s PlayStation Store where fans discovered that Death Loop is slated for a release on May 20, 2021.

Of course, with that said, this could be a placeholder for the official release date to be announced, but at the moment, it looks like May 20, 2021, will be the date that fans can finally dive into Death Loop. Speaking of the release, this title is only going to be available on the PC and PlayStation 5 initially.

Source: VGC

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