Scorn Extended Gameplay Footage Released Online

If you’re a fan of H. R. Ginger, an artist who has worked on several different mediums over the years, then you’re likely going to be intrigued by Scorn. This is an upcoming indie game that doesn’t offer much of what the storyline is about. The game is made for players to figure out what’s going on as they progress through the campaign. What we do know is that players take the role of a humanoid trapped in some kind of a hell-like world filled with all sorts of grotesque creatures.

Recently, Scorn received an extended gameplay trailer which you can view below. It’s about thirteen minutes long and it gives a better look at the mechanics and more importantly the atmosphere. This is a world crafted to look like everything is not only in pain but also alive. With the world filled with flesh, bone, and steel, players will need to carefully roam the area as you can never really be sure of just what’s around the corner. The development team is also going with the old school survival horror route with there being more of a focus on the world and what inhabitants it rather than the jump scare.

Still, this appears to be a first-person shooter with limited resources. While I’m not sure if there is a map or not, a good look at the gameplay seems to offer a Metroidvania style setup. There are all kinds of corridors and rooms that looked either locked off or requiring players to find the necessary item to gain access.

Currently, Scorn doesn’t have a release date attached to the project quite yet so we’re not sure if it will make its way out into the marketplace before 2021 wraps. However, we do know that Scorn will be available for players to enjoy on both the Xbox Series X/S along with the PC platform.

Source: YouTube