Streets of Rage 4 DLC Likely Coming Soon

The Streets of Rage video game franchise is a classic beat ‘em up series that had only three installments available though the gameplay remained the same. In this game, players take on a character that is forced into fighting off all sorts of thugs and criminals as they restore society. While the franchise was quite popular, it would be decades before a new installment was released. Now we have Streets of Rage 4 available to enjoy which takes place ten years after the events of Streets of Rage 3

With a few familiar faces along with some newcomers, players will have to fight off a new crime syndicate that had been brainwashing the city. While the visuals had been tweaked a bit, the gameplay remains very much the same and if you’re familiar with the past installments, you know that this is an excellent cooperative gameplay experience. In Streets of Rage 4, the game can support up to four players both offline and online.

While most players interested in the game had likely already picked up a copy and played through it, there are some wondering if there is any more content we could see come to the game at a later date. The development team has incorporated a good amount of characters to unlock and it will require players going through the campaign multiple times. That could get a bit mundane, so, fortunately, content is coming to the title, but that’s about all we know right now. 

The developers who had their hands on the game in some form or another including teams at Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush, have taken to Reddit and handled an AMA. It was here that we got confirmation of DLC content, but the team didn’t have anything more than that to say as they don’t even know what will be included. Apparently, there are a ton of ideas floating around so it’s possible that we may see some DLC coming out in a few different areas. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the developers opt to do.

Source: Reddit