Developer Thomas Mahler Offers His Thoughts On PS5 VS XSX

When it comes to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, we don’t know just which console right now will take the top spot. There’s always a battle between which platform outdoes the other in sales, we do know the components running for each platform. It appears that Microsoft put a bit more component power into their Xbox Series X compared to the PlayStation 5. However, how will this handle in terms of development is anyone’s guess right now.

Recently, some statements were made from developer Thomas Mahler who was recently behind Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It’s uncertain just if this developer has access to developer kits, but being someone that has worked with video game projects and seeing their release into a large marketplace could provide some information that may prove to be interesting from a developer perspective. As consumers, our perspectives may be based around the features and games being brought out for the platform. However, developers have access to crafting a game that will run for these platforms to the best of their ability.

From what Thomas Mahler believes, the trade-off Microsoft made for the Xbox Series X is to deliver more power to the console than Sony and the way they did this is by sacrificing the SSD in comparison. It’s not a massive sacrifice as Thomas gives an example of perhaps a 5-second difference. This will allow better resolution and framerates than the PlayStation 5 but Sony will be able to deliver a smoother gameplay experience overall without the need for much loading screens.

Really, it’s anyone’s guess as to which platform will outdo the other. While more power could prove to be popular it may be a case of having fewer features or exclusives to really keep players interested in the console.

Source: IGN