Modder Has Recreated Silent Hills Demo Using Half-Life: Alyx

The Silent Hill franchise is much-beloved and fans have waited years now for a new installment. Things were looking upward when it was unveiled that Konami is bringing the franchise back and at the time was allowing their famed developer, Hideo Kojima, to work on the project. This game was known as Silent Hills and one of the ways to announce the game was through a cryptic demo that launched on the PlayStation 4. That demo was known as PT and it gave fans a small inside look at the feel Hideo Kojima was working on for Silent Hills.

Unfortunately, as you are already aware of, Silent Hills was scrapped soon after. Hideo Kojima and Konami had parted ways and while we may never get the full story of what Kojima had planned for Silent Hills, PT is still often enjoyed by fans. Konami has since taken the PT demo down from the PlayStation Store though fans were quick to bring out ports and remakes for fans to enjoy later on.

Several projects have emerged online to give fans a true replica of the original PT, but now we’re finding a new unique take. Half-Life: Alyx is being used by several modders to create unique games or projects for others to enjoy and one of those projects that were created by AmbientDruth is a VR replica of PT. This project is still being developed, but the team is hoping to bring out a close replication of the original demo and provide fans with a unique look at the Silent Hills demo. 

Currently, the mod is available to be enjoyed right now but there are likely more updates slated to come out that will further flesh the demo out or even provide some enhancements to give players a real sense of immersion. 

Source: Steam