Take-Two Marketing Expenses Could Be A Clue For GTA 6 Release In 2023

Take-Two Interactive is a rather massive company. It’s the parent company for the likes of Rockstar Games and 2K and both of those companies alone have brought out several big video game hits on a regular basis. In the past, Take-Two Interactive has made mention that there are nearly a hundred games in development for a release over the next five year, though, it’s uncertain if all those games will actually make their way into the market. Chances are some will be cancelled or delayed past the intended release. Still, there is one particular IP that fans would be interested in seeing release into the market and that’s Grand Theft Auto 6.

The franchise has been around for years now and its recent release, Grand Theft Auto V has proved to be quite the massive success. Records have been broken just from this game launch and the amount of money it has not only earned but continue to earn with fans still jumping on and playing the game online has kept Rockstar thriving. Still, most of us are wondering what Rockstar has planned for the next installment and if it will be able to top Grand Theft Auto V.

While the game has yet to be unveiled yet and will likely be a good little bit before it does get a trailer, we may have an indicator on when the game would see a release into the market. Take-Two Interactive has filed a 10-K form that would showcase their marketing budget. It looks like there will be nearly $90 million spent and that’s a massive jump. This has sparked some analysts to believe that Grand Theft Auto 6 is the reason for the big jump and we could see that happen in 2023 according to the form which charts off the next few years.

This could be enough time to work on the game for the next-generation hardware along with ideals on how to make the jump on the next-generation Grand Theft Online multiplayer component. After all, there are still a ton of players actively enjoying the game right now so the transition will likely need to be smooth to cater towards players hoping to bring over some progress if its even possible with the setting being used for this next installment. 

Source: VentureBeat