Doom Eternal Will Drop Denuvo DRM In Next Update

Doom Eternal was one of the biggest video games releasing this year. It follows the events of the highly successful and popular release of Doom in 2016. This time around, players take the role of Doom Slayer as they embark on a mission to eradicate any and all demonic scum that has invaded Earth. Being the last line of defense for humanity, this job is going to be a brutal one, but it’s also one that fans have been eagerly awaiting to dive into. 

Currently, Doom Eternal is already out and while it released without any DRM, the feature was added shortly afterward. Doom Eternal received the currently popular DRM measure right now known as Denuvo which has been added into several video game titles released into the market. Still, it’s been a controversial one to say the least as there has been evidence of this DRM bogging down the CPU. With gamers potentially losing out on performance, there have been several cases that this software being removed after the game has been out into the market.

In a lot of ways Denuvo has helped several developers and publishers out, not to mention that there are measures to help the players. For instance, this DRM will keep pirates at bay from securing copies without purchasing them. Likewise, the DRM helps remove cheaters from multiplayer game modes. That again comes at a cost of performance but it’s at least something that the development team at id Software are claiming is not the case for Doom Eternal. While there have been performance issues, it’s apparently not from DRM but through other issues that have been fixed.

Still, the outcry of DRM removal is something id Software is listening to and have decided that in the next PC update, Denuvo would be removed. Despite not being featured in the campaign, it looks like the game will still have an anti-cheat service being added into the mix down the road, but there will be more research on the matter beforehand. Essentially it looks like DRM will be removed mainly just for the single-player campaign experience.

Source: Reddit