Call of Duty 2020 Still On Track For Release

This is a weird time we’re in right now. The health pandemic around the world is causing so many of us to bundle into our homes and stay away from socializing in person. For some, this also means boredom in the form of either completing the backlog of video games you’ve established over the years to simply yearning for a new IP to make its way out into the market. However, there’s always the fear that maybe some of those anticipated video games won’t release on time and as a result, it will extend the time of waiting for that next big entertaining video game to launch into the market.

It’s no secret that there are several IPs being developed at the moment from studios using work at home order. With the pandemic still very much in full effect and countries attempting to slowly reopen and test the field, there are studios who are putting just as much work into their projects despite not having the ability to interact in an actual office environment. While we wait to hear where the current status is for some of these games, there are titles that have yet to really make an appearance in general, yet they are still on track for a release into the market.

One of those games happens to be Call of Duty. We don’t have any official announcement on what Call of Duty 2020 will be based on but in a recent investors call, Activision was clear to alert investors that their Call of Duty 2020 video game is still on track to release later this year. It’s also likely going to come with other IPs being developed under Activision, though with E3 cancelled this year and events being held sporadically online, we’re not sure just when the titles will be unveiled to the public.

Source: IGN