Nintendo Has Apparently Delayed Their June E3 Nintendo Direct

When it comes to E3, it’s one of the biggest expos held annually. It’s been a centerpiece for game development studios to get their titles unveiled and showcased to the masses. It’s also a big event where we used to get the reveals for next-generation video game console platforms. With that said, E3 has changed and more companies are opting to not hold a press conference at the event in order to make a video to showcase online. There are far fewer issues and obviously, a ton of money can be saved. Furthermore, E3 2020 was outright cancelled due to the coronavirus health pandemic.

Despite not holding an E3 expo this year, there are several companies holding video streams much like Microsoft who is holding a few different events online to showcase their new video game titles, updates, and hardware reveal. We know that there is an Xbox Series X game event being held in May which will showcase first-party video game reveals. There was also hopes that Nintendo would hold its annual Nintendo Direct in June which is usually held during the week of E3.

That’s unfortunately not going to be the case according to new reports coming out online. Apparently, Nintendo is having to delay their E3 week video upload and it’s mainly due to the coronavirus health pandemic again. According to reports, the reason Nintendo is holding back their Nintendo Direct upload is due to the lock down and stay at home orders.

At the moment, we don’t know when Nintendo will hold the Nintendo Direct for June or if the month will be barren from uploads by Nintendo. After the rumors and supposed leaks suggest that Nintendo plans to make this year pretty big in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary, we had high hopes that we would see the remastered editions of 3D Mario games get unveiled for the Nintendo Switch, but for now, we’ll simply have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store for us.

Source: IGN