Valorant Will Be Getting A Teleporting Assassin

Riot Games may be best known for League of Legends, but the development studio has been attempting to break out into other video game genres. While their MOBA hit is still very much supported and doing incredibly well, we’re going to see several different games release from the studio such as Valorant. This is a FPS that blends together the gameplay of CSGO and Overwatch. In fact, the closed beta is driving so many streams right now with viewers actively watching in hopes of securing a code.

Valorant offers the high precision FPS tactics you would find in CSGO. It’s less of a game where players dart out with their teams in mass chaos but a slow and carefully planned attack coordinated with your teammates. This gameplay mixed with heroes offers a wide range of different moves a team could use in both in offense along with defense. The heroes range quite a bit and we’re still seeing more get unveiled with the latest being Omen.

Omen is a silent assassin type hero and his origins is a mystery right now. We know that he likes to stick with the shadows, offer cover for his team, and quickly maneuver around the map in an instant. His abilities are going to make for some intense and potentially chaotic moments within the game as well.

Omen Abilities


Shadows is the ultimate ability and it gives players the ability to teleport anywhere on the map. Once teleported, a shadow will appear allowing opposing players to fire upon it in hopes of stopping the teleport.


Omen can fire a weapon that will trigger the opponent to have a smaller range of vision.

Shrouded Step

This ability will allow players to teleport to a place within the map that is visible to the player.

Dark Cover

Dark Cover will allow Omen to cast a large shadow for teams to move within without being seen by opposing players.

Source: Twitter