Gears 5 Reportedly Loads 4 Times Faster On Xbox Series X

We know the hardware running the Xbox Series X and with the different upgrades such as the SSD, we’re going to see the console platform perform drastically faster and more efficiently than the current-generation Xbox One. Everyone is aware that the next-generation console platforms are going to run and perform better, but it’s always nice knowing just how much of a difference the console will make in comparison. Today we’re finding out just how much faster the Xbox Series X will be able to load Gears 5.

Speaking with Windows Central, Mike Rayner, the technical director for The Coalition, has been praising the Xbox Series X. It’s a technical leap that will help make some drastic improvements for game development such as being able to reduce CPU overhead while improving the I/O performance. This may seem a bit technical for gamers that simply want to enjoy video games, but essentially this will help reduce load times.

When testing the console hardware out with the latest installment to the Gears franchise, Gears 5, the studio found that the video game title was able to load four times faster on the Xbox Series X than on the Xbox One. It’s to be expected with each generation that the hardware would be able to perform quite a bit better but hearing about this particular comparison load time is quite an impressive feat.

However, this is a current-generation video game title being tested on next-generation hardware. We’re interested in seeing just how long of a load time certain games will have that are made specifically for the next-generation Xbox Series X. We could see a slightly longer load time for those particular games, but that’s purely speculative. In other Xbox Series X news, Phil Spencer has teased that the next big reveal event will be about video game titles so we might get a few new reveals, trailers, and updates to already announced video games.

Source: Windows Central