Death Stranding Will Be Receiving A Photo Mode

Death Stranding was one of the more anticipated video game releases in 2020 and now that Hideo Kojima’s debut title from his own studio, Kojima Productions is now available, we’re getting word of a new feature soon to be implemented. For those of you who picked the game up at launch for the PlayStation 4 then you may have felt the game was missing an option to take screenshots. It’s common for video game titles to add the ability to snap a photo, but that option wasn’t featured in the game.

That’s about to change as Hideo Kojima took to Twitter in order to alert fans that Death Stranding will soon have a photo mode implemented to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Currently, there’s no release date for the update, but it does appear that there is a strive to get it out before the end of this month. Being that Death Stranding is an open world that features a variety of environments, it’s fitting to have a photo mode available for the game with a variety of filters to help not only capture a moment in the game but with an aesthetic feel and tone.

This will also help give the game some more life with fans being able to either replay the game or go through certain areas to capture some photos that could be shared with others online. It’s also likely that we will see this game update reach the PC platform before it releases into the market. Currently, Death Stranding is slated to release on the PC platform later this year, on June 22, 2020, unless there are any delays that may occur thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic.

With that said, you can enjoy the Death Stranding video game right now on the PlayStation 4 platform. If you haven’t picked up the game and are wondering if it’s worth your time then we suggest looking at our Before You Buy episode upload of the game down below.

Source: Twitter