Female Developer Verbally Abused After Submitting Game to Steam Greenlight

Zoe Quinn, the creator of Depression Quest, isn’t having an easy time getting her game through Steam Greenlight. The text-based experience, meant to recreate the actual feeling of being depressed on a day-to-day basis, has drawn the ire of a handful of vocal members of Wizardchan and other services.

What are they saying about her? Take a look at a few of the quotes below.

“She is the one responsible. Of course a woman would never relate to anyone here,” said one Wizardchan user. “She would never be with a truly depressed person. Can someone mail her a rant or a link to this thread? God i hate that cunt.”

“The whole ‘game’ is without substance and is nothing more than an exercise in attention whoring,” said another community member. “This is clear because the game is about a controversial subject and took no skill to make. Feel free to contact the author here [redacted] and tell her what you think of the game.”

That wasn't the end of it. To make things worse, the same users conducted a "raid" on her by making sexually harassing phone calls to her personally, prompting her to change her number. 

This is the second time Quinn has attempted to get the game through Greenlight, and the second time a series of abuse has followed her. However, she's decided to continue her campaign to get the free game on Steam, and has come out against these users with some strong words.

It looks as if none of these comments have done enough to turn her away. If you’re interested in learning more about Depression Quest, check out the Greenlight page