Review Roundup: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is a Brilliantly Crafted Game, That Won’t Be for Everyone


Annapurna Interactive is known for taking risks on games that have deep messages and themes, and for the most part, their games are always critically acclaimed. This happens to be true for their long-running episodic title, Kentucky route Zero.

The game has has been running since 2013, and with the final episode finally released, the game has come to an end. However, with all that time passed, does the game hold up? According to reviews on Metacritic, the game seems to be performing excellent. However, as reviewers note, the game isn’t for everyone.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Annapurna Interactive‘s epic long-running episodic title —Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition:

Gaming Age 100

Even if the typical story-driven adventure game isn’t quite your thing, I think the overall experience is so unique that there’s a good possibility you’ll see past the style of gameplay, and still manage to see what makes this game so affecting. So give it a shot on whatever platform you have access to, you won’t be disappointed.

Screen Rant 100

Kentucky Route Zero isn’t a game for everyone, and as a piece of art it is bizarre and gives no clear answers. However, it doesn’t have to, and instead allows its characters the room to breathe and push forward its themes in a way that very few games have been able to manage. Kentucky Route Zero has a finale well worth the wait, and a complete package that stands as one of the most interesting video games ever created.

Push Square 90

Even with a downright cavalcade of triumphs, Kentucky Route Zero’s strongest asset is its ability to redefine itself from episode to episode. The deeper your journey goes, the stranger things get, but the more they make sense too. While the game will definitely be a bit too bizarre and densely obtuse for some, this is a game unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

PlayStation Universe 85

Kentucky Route Zero is a game for those who are happy to slowly digest the measured nuances of a text heavy, but visually stunning and thought provoking adventure. Narrative weirdness abounds but it is anchored by a cast of charming and gentle characters who you will grow to love.

VideoGamer 80

Those intoxicated by the game’s dreamy brew may argue that there are no detours—that, like the Zero, you’re either on it or you’re not. If you’re anything like me and Conway, however, you’ll be somewhere in-between.

New Game Network 45

Kentucky Route Zero is an incredibly dull and over-embellished text adventure that fails to engage, entertain, or provide much value to anyone but perhaps the uppermost art connoisseurs.

Kentucky Route Zero has been running since 2013, so a lot of change has happened in between that time. We actually had a review for the game back in 2013, which you can check out right here! However, it’s probably better to go in blind and play all five acts in a relatively short period as a 2013-2020 is quite the gap and you will surely forget some details.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition is now for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Are you planning on picking up the special new edition for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic