Did A Developer Tease God of War Sequel On Twitter?

Santa Monica Studio is best known for its God of War franchise and over the years the studio has brought out several installments. However, after the third mainline installment and God of War: Ascension, the studio laid dormant for a few years. That’s when they finally brought out a soft reboot to the God of War franchise which blew up the franchise popularity once again. Newcomers and veterans were getting a brand new adventure with Kratos and his son as they fought mythical creatures. 

We knew that the studio had some big plans for God of War but failed to bring them into the game and left quite a bit out on the cutting room floor. Still, there is plenty of expectation that God of War would receive a sequel, even if nothing official has been announced.

We’re getting close to the release of the PlayStation 5 and with its announcement should some details on exclusives that will come at launch. It’s unlikely that God of War would be a launch title, but perhaps something will be unveiled in terms of what some of the first-party studios are working on games for the console platform. 

However, what some gamers are finding interesting is a recent tweet from Kim Newman, the narrative animator at Sony Santa Monica Studio. This could potentially indicate that the studio is working on the next chapter of the God of War franchise, as Kim is sporting a motion-capture suit within the image attached to the tweet. While it’s likely we’re going to see a new installment, nothing has been confirmed at the moment. 

Source: Twitter