Materia Collective and Team Cherry Announce Hollow Knight Piano Collections, Available to Pre-Order Now

Materia Collective and Team Cherry have announced that they will be releasing the blissful music of their hit indie title, Hollow Knight on all sorts of media starting next week!

Titled the Hollow Knight Piano Collections, users will be able to listen to the iconic soundtrack of Hollow Knight in CD, Digital, and Vinyl formats. Set to release next week, November 28th, 2019, users can pre-order their copy of the soundtrack right here!

There are a ton of different copies of the Piano Collections users can choose from, all ranging in different prices. Make sure to snag a copy as these might sell out!

The full tracklisting for Hollow Knight Piano Collections is as follows

  • :01. Dirtmouth
  • 02. Crossroads
  • 03. Greenpath
  • 04. Hornet
  • 05. Reflection
  • 06. Mantis Lords
  • 07. City of Tears
  • 08. Resting Grounds
  • 09. Dung Defender
  • 10. Queen’s Gardens
  • 11.White Palace
  • 12. Sealed Vessel
  • 13. Radiance
  • 14. Hollow Knight
  • 15. Grimm Troupe

In related news, Team Cherry released some new gameplay footage for their upcoming follow-up title, Silksong. The gameplay showcases the new game in action and the vast improvements that were made.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is still without an official release date, however, with more and more gameplay being released for the game, perhaps Team Cherry is closer to announcing one in the coming months. Check out the Silksong E3 2019 gameplay demo right here!

Hollow Knight Piano Collections is available for pre-order today and will launch on November 28, 2019:

Source: Press Releases (Gamasutra)