Bethesda Registers Domain with Multiple Fallout 4 References, Dec. 11 Reveal Possible

A new domain has been registered by Bethesda, and while nothing can be confirmed at this time, all the signs point to it relating to a brand new Fallout game. Yes, Fallout 4 might have finally been outed.  

The domain is titled "The Survivor," which sounds eerily familiar to the name of a Fallout protagonist. Vault Dweller, Chosen One, Lone Wanderer, Courier – The Survivor could fit right into the group. The website itself is nothing but a blank screen, but it’s accompanied by a loud beeping that one Reddit user considers to be Morse code. Take a listen for yourself, and see what you think.

Bizarre, right? Another user on Reddit claims that the code is 11.12.13, which could the date of the big announcement.

The year associated with the domain is 2299, which once again sounds like another clue to the setting of Fallout 4. The below image shows fallout.js script related to the site, which is empty at this time, but still another piece of this post-apocalyptic puzzle.

It’s a strange domain, but one to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.