BioWare Still Has Plans For Mass Effect

Mass Effect was a big science fiction RPG from the development studio BioWare. After years of crafting up a unique game series for players to enjoy, the last installment we received was Mass Effect: Andromeda a game that failed to meet some of the expectations that fans had put into the title. Still, after being available since 2017, fans are wondering just when the next mainline installment would see a release into the market.

We’re close to the end of current-generation platform consoles. Specifically the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With more developers seemingly working on titles that would be aimed at the next-generation platform releases, it’s a good indicator that maybe some previous franchises would show up once again in the coming few years. One of those franchises that still has plenty more storylines to tell is BioWare’s Mass Effect after a tweet was sent out by BioWare GM Casey Hudson. It was with the tweet that Casey alerted to fans that there are still new ideas, concept art, and stories to tell within the Mass Effect universe.

Just where the story will take players remains to be seen, but BioWare has not been hitting the strides that they had likely hoped for lately. As mentioned, Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t hit the high reception as they had hoped for and their latest release Anthem is not much better. Still, the BioWare name had put out several hits so after these two titles there could be some ideas on how to get a strong video game release that will appeal to not only veteran players but newcomers as well.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle