AEW Pro Wrestler, Kenny Omega Enters Match as Sans from Undertale for Halloween

AEW pro wrestler, Kenny Omega, has gained the internets attention thanks to his epic entrance for his latest match on AEW: Dynamite!

As you can see from the headline, Omega dressed up as one of the internet’s favorite video game’s characters — Sans from Undertale. In addition to the on-point costume, Omega also featured an authentic video introduction with all the noises you can expect to hear from Undertale. Lastly, the music that was played on the way to the ring was no other than the soothing and head-bopping sounds of Megalovania!

Check out the epic Halloween-themed entrance from AEW wrestler Kenny Omega down below:

Undertale made its debut on PC a couple of years back, which gained immediate traction within the gaming community. After steam started to roll, the Nintendo and PlayStation 4 platform ported the game over to their systems. Most recently, Nintendo noted that Undertale is one of the top 10 indie titles for their hybrid console.

Undertale is available to play for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the PC. While AEW: Dynamite is a weekly episodic wrestling show which airs on TNT. Are you a fan of Undertale? Are you a fan of AEW? Think Kenny Omega’s entrance was cool? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube