Hideo Kojima’s Family Were Against Him Opening A Game Studio

It’s been covered a ton when world-famed game developer, Hideo Kojima, opted to split from working with Konami. It was a studio that he had over thirty years with as he helped create IPs though his biggest hit for Konami was Metal Gear Solid. Things were not going well and it ultimately led to a big break between the two leaving plenty wondering what would be next for the famed developer.

At 53 years old, Hideo Kojima had years of experience and was easily getting offers from a number of different studios around the world. There was even some speculation that Hideo Kojima may break into the movie industry as he often expressed his fondness of the film industry and big motion pictures. What ultimately happened was that the developers crafted up his studio called Kojima Productions. Speaking with Famitsu, it seemed that there were some struggles that Hideo had to overcome when it came to building up his studio.

One of those struggles was that the family felt he shouldn’t risk going into his studio. It costs plenty of money to bring something like that off the ground. After all, Kojima was not able to get a bank loan to start a studio up according to his interview.

Now his debut title is getting ready to launch into the market. Known as Death Stranding, this new title is a bit of a mystery. Players will be going through a narrative that involves life and death while attempting to connect locations around the in-game world. We will know if Hideo Kojima can successfully craft up a game where he has more control over how the game will play out. Death Stranding will be launching on November 8, 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 though it may soon a hit a city near you soon as Hideo Kojima is going on a world tour with the game.

Source: DualShockers Famitsu