Review Roundup: John Wick: Hex Brings the Action to a Whole New Medium

Developer Mike Bithell’s latest title, John Wick: Hex has released today and judging from early reviews, it looks like he has another hit on his hands!

The latest game to come out from the mind of Bithell is a franchise property, and it’s a big one — JohnWick. If you know John Wick, you should be able to expect what the game is going to be about. John Wick is a super badass special agent that manages to pull off some crazy kills. The movies are super fun and have viewers on the edge of their seats, but now, Bithell manages to put the fan directly in the action.

From reviews of the recently released game, it seems that Hex brings the fun! It’s a stylized John Wick game that will have both fans of the series and newcomers alike enjoying!

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Mike Bithell’s latest title — John Wick: Hex:

DualShockers 85

John Wick Hex is a nice, fun, and stylistic bite-sized adventure that’s absolutely worth your time.

PC Gamer 80

John Wick Hex is a movie tie-in that doesn’t go for the lowest common denominator. What could easily have been a generic real-time action game works wonderfully in this form—converting the pace of the movie action into a very elegant illusion of it. It works admirably despite the within this somewhat sparse presentation, and feels like an idea that the developer could evolve into something really special in the future—with or without the John Wick license.

Game Informer 80

Despite those frustrations, I continually returned to John Wick Hex because the core mechanics are incredibly tight. Thanks to Hex’s clever time management systems I always felt one step ahead of my enemies and capable of constructing the kinds of sophisticated close-quarters gunfights that make the films so exciting. John Wick Hex might hit the same note over and over again, but it’s one incredible note.

IGN 68

John Wick Hex is a simple, smart tactics game but its distracting lack of polish often thwarts its attempt to distill the fast action of the movies into deliberate gameplay.


Stylish cinematic super-violence is transformed into smart temporal puzzles. [Eurogamer Recommended]

John Wick: Hex is now available for the PC platform. Are you planning on picking up the high octane action platformer? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic