GoldenEye 64 Fan Remake Is Looking Quite Impressive

We’ve been waiting for a solid remake of the classic Nintendo 64 GoldenEye video game and while the official way may not have anything in the works, a fan group is taking on the challenge. I enjoy retro games and I like playing them as and have enjoyed going out and seeking old classic titles during the warmer months. However, some older games don’t age very well and that’s the case with the Nintendo 64 GoldenEye title. While at its prime, the video game was a massive hit and everyone practically enjoyed jumping on and facing against each other in a free-for-all.

Even though most associate GoldenEye for the multiplayer aspect, the game had a full campaign for players to go through. Needless to say, the campaign graphics and mechanics are rather dated by far in the game and worst of all, connecting the Nintendo 64 system into a modern television display is not always the easiest thing in the world. It wasn’t very long ago that fans recreated the multiplayer component of this game called GoldenEye Source. Now, a new group is looking to recreate the main campaign.

Known as GoldenEye 25, the game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4. It seems that everything is being crafted up in hopes to avoid having to use old assets. Likewise, there is a new soundtrack involved so there’s a lot of work not only going into the game but also a lot of work in making the title with hopes of avoiding too much negative attention that may result in a cease and desist. Since GoldenEye Source was able to go through without being taken offline, perhaps this game stands a fighting chance. 

Recently, the game project had a full mission posted online to see the current status of the game right now. It’s not done and it’s not slated to launch until 2022 but for now, take a look at the new gameplay footage posted above.

Source: YouTube, PC Gamer