The Last of Us Part II Is Massive But There’s A Reason It’s Not An Open-World Title

The Last of Us Part II may go down to being the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive for the platform. It’s got a massive fan base already from those that have followed the story since it first released on the PlayStation 3. Likewise, the development studio, Naughty Dog, is one that consistently puts out a high level of detail to their video games and brings out instant classics. However, as more developers continue to bring out new video game titles into the mix, the scope of their projects has not only been getting bigger but branching out to more open-world experience. 

There’s a lot to like when it comes to open-world video game titles. Outside of having plenty of locations to visit, players are usually offered a wide range of quests to embark on outside of the main campaign story. That’s the reason the creative director of The Last of Us Part II, Neil Druckmann, decided that this sequel needed to steer clear from the traditional open-world game aspect. During an interview with IGN, Neil stated that this upcoming video game is by far the biggest Naughty Dog has put out yet. 

According to the interview, players will reach areas that will open up and provide some extra quests and areas to visit. But, the story progression may make things linear and that’s purely to bring intense situations. This is still a bleak story and if you recall the first installment of The Last of Us, there were plenty of moments that likely left you on the edge of your seat. 

Unlike an open-world game that is usually open all the time, that [type of] game doesn’t work for us for The Last of Us because that loses tension. If I need to go rescue someone, and [the game] says ‘OK go rescue them right now…or do these 10 other things on the side,’ you lose tension.

Moments like that are lost according to Neil if you look at open-world video game titles. It’s difficult to keep that tense feeling in the story when a player can drop the quest and embark on something that’s lighthearted. Still, being the biggest game from Naughty Dog that he has worked on, we’re thrilled to see just what all players will discovery along with the story that will unfold.

Source: IGN