Fan Discovers Cut Content From Konami PT Demo

Silent Hill is a much-beloved IP from Konami as it got started into the market back during the early years of Sony PlayStation. A development group in-house at Konami that went by the name Team Silent pumped out four installments to the franchise before Konami ultimately disbanded the group and left the IP to be worked on by western developers. As a result, the charm and essence that made Silent Hill so great was essentially lost. Fast forward several years and we get a new hyped up Silent Hill game, but one that was being fronted by Hideo Kojima, a legendary developer who was working at Konami at the time.

The Silent Hill title was going to be called Silent Hills and to unveil the game, Hideo Kojima crafted up a demo called PT or otherwise known as Playable Teaser. Gamers would download the demo and attempt to solve all the puzzles where at the end of this demo they would learn that the game experience was used simply as a means to unveil the next Silent Hill installment. Now we’re sure you already know that the game was canceled after a split between Hideo Kojima and Konami.

It didn’t take Konami very long before they pulled the game from the PlayStation Store. Still, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the demo after fan remakes and those that have copies available still on their PlayStation 4 console. The shocking part of it all is that years have passed since the game was removed online but there are still fans discovering new content. One of those hunters online is Lance McDonald who took to the system files of PT to make quite a big discovery.

Hideo Kojima had a few more elements in the game that was cut before it went live. One of those elements discovered by Lance McDonald is that the bathtub had a third stage which featured Lisa inside the bathtub. We’re not sure what the significance this would have been unless it was just used as a scare tactic, but the game had plenty of elements attached to the story so there is likely something more to that scene. Now the question we have is just how much more content was cut from the demo before it went live.

Source: YouTube