Donate Blood & Earn A Free Copy Of Code Vein

Code Vein is nearly upon us which we know that there is a fanbase eager to get their hands on a copy of this IP from Bandai Namco Studios already. While we’re waiting for the release later this week, you may not already have a copy of the game pre-ordered. If you were holding out until the release to pick up the title then we may have some good news. Those that are not squeamish and would like to donate blood then you’ll earn yourself a copy of the game for free.

This is through a new promotion which will do some good while also giving you a nice little incentive. Bandai Namco is teaming up with a blood bank in San Diego where those that give blood will receive a free copy of the game. Unfortunately, it’s not a nationwide sort of deal but if you’re in the area, the tweet embedded below will give you the details on where to head to make use of this promotion. 

Furthermore, this promotion is set to the release date of Code Vein which is September 27, 2019. That’s a pretty great deal and its a promotion that ties well with the game itself. If you’re not familiar with Code Vein, players will take the role of a vampire during a post-apocalyptic setting. The world is dying and the vampires have begun to split into factions as war wages on to secure blood, a fuel that keeps the vampire from becoming insane. Gameplay is said to be similar to the Dark Souls franchise, so prepare for some strategy in planning your attacks and blocks.

Source: Twitter