The Surge 2 Symphony of Violence Trailer Gives New Insight To Combat

It wasn’t too long ago that we got our first taste of The Surge, a new IP that was developed by Deck13 and published through Focus Home Interactive. While the game didn’t blow anyone away and received a fairly average response with critics on metacritic, the game series wasn’t killed off. Instead, the duo decided to give this game another go with The Surge 2 where they likely doubled down with the game mechanics and features to sway newcomers to the series. Now that we’re approaching its release date, a new trailer released online which showcases some new combat footage. 

The Surge 2 takes place into Jericho City where you will find the source of the nanomachine plague along with a young girl named Athena who is tied to your past. With this latest trailer, Symphony of Violence, the developers Deck13 offers a better insight to the combat aspect of the game though more specifically, the equipment you’ll be tearing away from your opponents. 

Just as before, there is a big play on customization and adding new equipment to your character. You’ll often find this equipment to be tied with foes so as a result, targeting specific limbs or areas of the body during an attack may allow players to gather some new upgrades. This trailer offers more details on not only your fighting mechanics in the game but some other tools you’ll have within your arsenal. 

As we mentioned earlier, The Surge 2 is getting close to its intended release date. Players interested in the game will be able to pick it up this month, on September 24, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Source: Gematsu