Hearthstone’s Next Solo Campaign Takes Place Later This Month

Blizzard recently released Saviors of Uldum for their virtual card game, Hearthstone. This expansion brought in a ton of new characters and cards to make use of and now the solo expansion is coming down the pipeline. The campaign is called the Tombs of Terror which will contain another voice-acted and narrative journey that follows the events of The Dalaran Heist

This journey players will be able to take on will cost about $7 for each chapter otherwise, players can pay a discounted price. Overall, these campaigns offer something unique for players to enjoy outside of the standard multiplayer battles and weekly Tavern Brawl. If you’re not interested in purchasing the bundle then you can make note that these chapters can also be purchased with in-game gold. For those who may not even be interested in spending the in-game currency, the previous campaign will reportedly be free after the release of Tombs of Terror

It’s worth noting that the latest expansion already has packs of cards for players to purchase or even receive completely for free by completing select goals in-game. This expansion that has released will give players a total of 135 new collectible cards that can be opened through packs or crafted by using in-game dust. 

If you’re interested in the campaign then mark your calendars as you can expect it to launch on September 17, 2019. As for now, Hearthstone is free to play on PC, Android and iOS platforms.

Source: PC Gamer, VG247